A huge thank you to everyone who sent us their "What's in a Name" entries - every tale about how you came to name your sweet babes brought a huge smile to our faces!  We look forward to sharing more of your stories in the coming weeks.

Today we'd like to share the story of how super precious Ziva Pearl was given her name.  In the words of her mama, Sarah (@Sarah_ivy):

Our little girl, Ziva Pearl, is only 2 months old now and we are totally and completely in love. Here is the story behind her name: 


I had been set on a couple of names since the beginning of my pregnancy and assumed we would choose one of them once our little one arrived, my husband on the other hand wasn't sold on the ones I had chosen. We discovered a Jewish baby naming app and went through each name, from A-to-Z, reading them out loud to each other. When we got to the last name, Ziva, it just spoke to us. We experienced a loss with our first pregnancy about a month before we became pregnant with our Ziva.

Ziva means glow, brilliance, or light in Hebrew, and she is the ray of light and hope that came into our lives so soon after the loss.

We waited until she arrived to be sure that she look like a Ziva. It fits her perfectly. She's a calm, alert, and happy baby. We love calling her Z or Zizi for short!

Grandma Pearl, my paternal Grandmother, was a character and a force of nature. She and I were very close and I always knew I wanted to name a daughter for her. Our little Ziva Pearl was born with strawberry blonde, reddish hair just like my grandma used to dye hers. It was meant to be!
Her Hebrew name is Ziva Margalit (Margalit is Hebrew for Pearl), which I absolutely love. 
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